The Christmas 2002 Mens Ba'
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Throw-up to Royal Bank
The Ba' was thrown up by Doonie Ba' winner, Dennis Muir and was won by the Uppies at about 16:00, Garry Cooper being a popular winner. The day was very fine with sunshine and no wind.

bax2002_03029 12:52 Dennis Muir with Jim Cromarty, Duncan Currie and Bobby Leslie outside the Cathedral bax2002_03032 12:53 The fine ba' was made by Edgar Gibson
bax2002_03034 12:59 Waiting for one o'clock
bax2002_03036 12:59 nearly time
bax2002_03037 13:00 Dennis gave a good throw
bax2002_03038 13:00 The Ba' on its way to the waiting players
bax2002_03039 13:00 The ba' landed near the front of the pack,
bax2002_03043 13:01 which soon fetched up against the Kirk Green
bax2002_03044 13:03 The Uppies were early in control bax2002_03045 13:05 and soon the scrum was in front of the Town Hall
bax2002_03048 13:11 The Doonies tried very hard to control the bax2002_03049 13:11 game but the Uppies steadily pushed forward
bax2002_03050 13:11 past Judith Glue's shop and onwards bax2002_03052 13:12 towards their goal
bax2002_03053 13:13 against the Kirk Green again bax2002_03055 13:17 Doonies pushing hard
bax2002_03056 13:18 Uppies push towards tankerness House bax2002_03059 13:23 The Doonies fought back hard
bax2002_03060 13:26 There was a short rally here bax2002_03061 13:26 but the Uppies were stronger
bax2002_03064 13:30 The Doonies tried to get down Tankerness Lane bax2002_03065 13:31 and there was a hold-up for some minutes
bax2002_03066 13:35 But the Uppies powered on past bax2002_03067 13:35 towards Victoria Street

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