The Christmas 2001 Mens Ba'
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Throw-up to St Magnus Lane

Today's Ba' Game took an unusual route with several breaks and much exciting play. It was thrown up by Uppie, Duncan Currie and finally went up just before 17:30, Uppie Norman Craigie was the eventual winner.

x01_0007(6) 12:51 Players arriving on Broad Street x01_0008(7) 12:52 Grace and Duncan Currie
x01_0009 12:52 Duncan Currie with other Uppies x01_0012(8) 12:55 Players await the throw up
x01_0014(10) 13:00 Duncam gave a good thrown into the awaiting scrum x01_a02 13:00 Players eagerly await the descending Ba'
x01_a03 13:00 The Ba' posed above the scrum x01_a04 13:00 The game has started
x01_a05 13:00 The Ba' has disappeared not the scrum x01_0019(15) 13:02 Fetched up against the Kirk Green wall
x01_0023 13:08 Sides seemed equally matched x01_0024 13:11 Uppies attempt a surge
x01_0026 13:11 But it does not go far x01_0027 13:12 Against Judith Glue's
x01_0028 13:15 The Uppies push forward x01_0029 13:16 They seem in control
x01_0032 13:16 and soon are at Aurum x01_0033 13:17 However the Doonies push back
x01_0035 13:18 The pack surges downwards x01_0036 13:22 The Uppies swirl the scrum across the street
x01_0040 13:25 Back to Judith Glue's x01_0042 13:26 Close-up of faces pushing
x01_0045 13:26 The pack gets loose and there is a break into St Magnus Lane x01_0046 13:37 The Ba' remains in the lane for some time

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