The Christmas 2000 Mens Ba'
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Victoria Street to the End of the Game

X2000-1767 14:17 The scrum passes Croy's after coming out of the lane

X2000-1773 15:16 There was a long pause opposite the Red Cross Shop, while the Doonies held up the scrum in a doorway

X2000-1778 15:19 The Doonies tried to get the scrum into Warren's Walk, but without success

X2000-1789 15:35 The Uppies stormed the game across Union Street and soon reached Costie's Pavilion in Main Street

X2000-1790 15:36 There was a short hold-up outside Costies

X2000-1791 15:37 The Ba' soon moved on along the wall past a car which someone had left in Main Street

X2000-1800 15:45 The scrium appraoches the Corner

X2000-1803 15:57 The Ba' at Mackeson's Corner

X2000-1812 16:05Graham Brough is the eventual winner after a long struggle

X2000-1815 16:15 The Ba'

X2000-1816 16:16 Graham Brough with his Ba'

X2000-1817 16:16 Graham Brough with his Ba'

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