The Christmas 2000 Mens Ba'
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More Victoria Street action

X2000-1745 13:56 Outside WHB Sutherland

X2000-1749 13:59 Girls shout their support

X2000-1750 14:01 The Doonies manage to get the Ba' into Croy's Lane after a break foiled by Andy Kemp

X2000-1753 14:04 Girls lend a hand

X2000-1755 14:09 The Ba' surges out of the lane

X2000-1758 14:11 Swirling play outside Croys

X2000-1759 14:12 The scrum spins across the street

X2000-1760 14:12 The Doonies try to hold back the Uppies

X2000-1762 14:13 Doonies pushing hard

X2000-1764 14:16 Craig Spence not far from home

X2000-1765 14:16 The Uppies remain in control

X2000-1766 14:17 The scrum is pushed on up the street

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