The Christmas 2000 Mens Ba'
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Victoria Street action

X2000-1730 13:45 The game storms down Victoria Street

X2000-1731 13:47 outide Lobban's

X2000-1732 13:48 Girls encouraging the boys

X2000-1735 13:53 The game approaches WHB Sutherland

X2000-1736 13:54 The Doonies manage to halt the scrum in a lane for a short time

X2000-1737 13:54 The Uppies soon regain control

X2000-1738 13:54 The pack moves out of the lane

X2000-1740 13:55 and hits the other side of the street

X2000-1741 13:55 Surging further up the street

X2000-1742 13:55 The Doonies try hard to stop the relentless upward push

X2000-1743 13:55 However the Uppies have the weight

X2000-1744 13:55 and the scrum soon moves onward

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