The New Year 2003 Mens Ba'
After a strong showing by the Doonies, the game was finally won by Uppie Bruce Moar. Although the Doonies managed to reach as far as the Post office, a late Uppie rally resulted in a rapid push to their goal in the end.
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Throw-up, Broad Street, St Magnus Lane, Junction Road 12:48 to 14:04

bany2003_03294 12:48 Kenny Eunson threw up the Ba' which was made by George Drever
bany2003_03301 12:55 At the Market Cross just before the throw-up
bany2003_03296 12:49 Uppies Duncan Currie, Jim Cromarty, Kenny Eunson, Eric Kemp, Davod Oddie & Gary Gibson
bany2003_03307 13:00 The players await their Ba'
bany2003_03308 13:00 Kenny made a good throw
bany2003_03309 13:00 The Ba' fell well into the scrum
bany2003_03311 13:00 The pack immediately fetched up against the wall
bany2003_03312 13:02 But the Doonies soon exerted strong pressure
bany2003_03314 13:02 They pushed to St Magnus Lane
bany2003_03315 13:08 The Uppies responded
bany2003_03317 13:13 But they were unable to push up the street
bany2003_03319 13:14 Soon the Doonies were in command again
bany2003_03321 13:17 They succeeded in getting into St Magnus Lane
bany2003_03325 13:27 And pushed well down the lane quickly
bany2003_03327 13:34 The Red Cross were as usual in attendance
bany2003_03329 13:40 The Uppies tried to push back up the lane
bany2003_03331 13:41 But the Doonies were in control
bany2003_03340 13:45 The scrum was pushed onto Junction road
bany2003_03344 13:51 Ken Amer and John Findlay
bany2003_03345 13:51 Photographer and video man
bany2003_03346 13:53 The Doonies pushed towards Castle Street
bany2003_03347 13:55 The Uppies were unable to stop the them
bany2003_03351 14:03 The Doonies slowly pushed on
bany2003_03354 14:04 The Uppies tried another rally

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