The New Year 2002 Mens Ba'
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Today's Ba' Game saw much exciting play on Broad Street with the Doonies exerting much pressure. However the Uppies gained control and the scrum was soon pushed into Victoria Street.

ny02_0068 15:30 There was a stop outside Costies as the Doonies fought back ny02_0069 15:30 However the Uppies soon surged the scrum onwards
ny02_0070 15:32 Past the West End Hotel ny02_0071 15:33 The Doonies managed to hole up in a driveway
ny02_0073 16:11 The Ba' remained stuck for over half and hour ny02_0074 16:11 After that the Uppies romped home
ny02_0075 16:15 Almost at Mackeson's Corner ny02_0079 16:33 There was a strong fight to decide the winner various names were shouted for
ny02_0081 16:39 Ian Brough emerged triumphant ny02_0082 16:39 It was all over
ny02_0086 16:49 Ian Brough with his Ba' celebrates with fellow Uppies ny02_0089 16:57 Uppies celebrate at the Royal Hotel
ny02_0090 16:57 ppies celebrate at the Royal Hotel ny02_0091 17:03 Jim Linklater and Jim Cromarty (past Uppie winners)

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