The New Year 2002 Mens Ba'
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Today's Ba' Game saw much exciting play on Broad Street with the Doonies exerting much pressure. However the Uppies gained control and the scrum was soon pushed into Victoria Street.

ny02_0043 14:24 Entering Victoria Street ny02_0045 14:24 The scrum rumbled past the old "Orcadian" offices
ny02_0047 14:27 Uppies guarding Whitechapel Lane ny02_0048 14:29 The scrum continued on past WHB Sutherland's
ny02_0049 14:29 The Uppies seemed well in control ny02_0050 14:29 As the scrum continued on its way
ny02_0052 14:49 There was a short pause outside JM Croy's ny02_0055 14:51 But the Uppies continued their push
ny02_0058 14:59 Soon the scrum reached James Shearer's ny02_0059 14:59 The Doonies tried to stop in the car park
ny02_0060 15:04 But the Uppies were having none of that ny02_0061 15:06 The Ba' passing the Baptist Kirk
ny02_0062 15:06 Almost at Union Street ny02_0063 15:06 There was a large crowd of spetcators
ny02_0064 15:08 The Doonies tried to get the scrum down Union Street ny02_67 15:11 Previous winners Bobby Leslie, Duncan Currie and Billy Jolly

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