The New Year 2002 Mens Ba'
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Today's Ba' Game saw much exciting play on Broad Street with the Doonies exerting much pressure. However the Uppies gained control and the scrum was soon pushed into Victoria Street.

ny02_0003 12:51 The Ba' was thrown up by Doonie Bobby Leslie ny02_0004 12:51 Outside the Cathedral with family
ny02_0006 12:55 A Korean camera crew was covering the game ny02_0007 12:55 Awaiting the throw-up
ny02_0008 12:52 Uppies and Doonies ny02_0010 13:00 It was a very good throw
ny02_0011 13:00 The Ba' about to enter the scrum ny02_0012 13:00 The game has begun
ny02_0016 13:02 The scrum fetched up against the Town Hall ny02_0017 13:03 There was much determined Doonie resistance
ny02_0018 13:08 The scrum moved quickly across the street ny02_0019 13:09 Reached the Kirk Green wall
ny02_0021 13:13 Stoopped for a short time ny02_0023 13:14 Before returning to Judith Glue's
ny02_0024 13:14 The Doonies had another hard push ny02_0027 13:16 The game surged down the street for a short way
ny02_0029 13:17 However it soon started to ease up the street again ny02_0030 13:21 Soon it had reached Aurum
ny02_0031 13:22 The Doonies did not give up ny02_0032 13:44 Again they pushed the scrum down the gates
ny02_0033 13:47 Once more onto the Kirk Green wall ny02_0038 14:18 It stayed there for some time before the Uppies surged up the street
ny02_0039 14:19 Soon to pass the Museum ny02_0042 14:22 and onwards towards Spence's shop

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