New Year 2000 Mens Ba'
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Throw up and Early Ba shots:

Ba was thrown up by Dan Grieve and won by Uppie Dave Flett at about 16:15

Most of the Ba' Committee outside the Cathedral

Dan Grieve, who won his Mens' Ba' Xmas 1952 in one of the shortest games ever, and the Boys' Ba' in Xmas 1936

Dan holds up the ba' just before 1pm

Waiting for the throw-up

John "Jock" Robertson addresses the crowd

Players eagerly awaiting the bell

A large pack of players amassed on Broad Street

Dan did a near-perfect throw and Magnus captured it well - inspite of the dark day and 1/30th second exposure

The ba' enters the scrum

Immediately the scrum hit the Kirk Green wall

Senior players advise the pack from above

One young lady was quoted as saying
"I just come to admire all the lovely bums"

There was much good action on Broad Street

Fetched up at the entrance to St Magnus Lane

Once again against the Kirk Green wall

Uppie pressure soon resulted in a break

However the Doonies pushed the scrum back against the wall

More advice from above

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