Welcome to Magnus and Charles Tait's archive of the Ba' Game.

The Ba' Games this season will be played
on Monday 26th December 2016
and Monday 2nd January 2017

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New Year 2017 Men's Ba' played on 2nd January 2017
thrown up by Alan Rorie (Uppie winner New Year 1992)

winner Derek Robb (Uppie) at 17:17

Derek Robb with his Ba'

Xmas 2016 Men's Ba' played on 26th December 2016
thrown up by Leslie Manson (Uppie winner Xmas 1991)

winner George Rendall (Doonie) at 13:27

George Rendall with his Ba'

Article on the Kirkwall Ba' Game from the Orkney Guide Book, 3rd edition

The Ba' is played every Christmas and New Year's Day in Kirkwall, Orkney. This traditional game of mass football is played in the streets of the town between the Uppies and the Doonies. For more details about the history of the game click here.

Charles Tait has been covering Ba' games online since Christmas 1997 and photographically since New Year 1977. Images and reports from this season below will be available to view after the games. The 2015 Mens' New Year game was the 76th to be covered by Charles Tait. To see the full list of games covered click here. The forthcoming book,"The Ba' - Uppies v Doonies" will have a large selection of images from all of these games.

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